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Sweet Bun Bun Gender Neutral Gift Box

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Snuggle up with the Bun Bun Tuck Me In Pillow Blanket, Hug Little Bud Stuffed Animal tight, take comfort from Bye Bye Comforter and shake rattle and role with our Carrot and Chimes  rattles. The Sweet Bun Bun Record Book completes the set and contains 52 pages to record 5 years of milestones. The set includes:

Bun Bun  Tuck Me In Pillow Blanket: Your best bedtime buddy! This unique furry blanket has multiple uses; untucked it’s a blanket with sweet embroidered sleeping bunny eyes and re-tucked it’s a pillow and plush bunny friend with open embroidered eyes ready to play! Sweet glacier grey color velour on one side and fur on the other in the softest fabric you have ever felt! Super soft and silky long lop ears perfect for soothing and for personalizing. 

  • Size: 28" x 28"
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • 100% Polyester. Imported.

Sweet and Tender Record Book

Preserve the important moments and cherished memories of a little one’s first five y-ears. Featuring adorable illustrations and playful writing prompts, this 42-page hardcover book is an ideal baby shower gift, suitable for boy or girl

Friendly Chimes Rattle White 

The perfect rattle, that gives a friendly chime when you shake it, that is both soothing and entertaining for baby!

Friendly Chime Bunny is made of soft white velour with adorably perky bunny ears and hand-embroidered details for the face, with pinked cheery cheeks, and soft dangling arms for chewing and soothing.  

  • Size: 6". 100%
  • Polyester.
  • Surface Washable. 

Bun Bun Bye Bye Buddy

This Lovey  comforter is ready to be on the go. With a handy loop on the back to attach to the car seat, stroller or crib  you're sure to never be left without this precious friend again.

This favorite security blanket is a plush floppy eared bunny with handcrafted, baby-safe embroidered face and a snuggly soft white velour split blanket, lined and edged in silky satin. Signature three carrot tag for little one's fingers.

  • 11" Tall.
  • Embroidered Details
  • Personalization Available!
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. 
  • 100% Polyester.

Carrot Rattle

 "Shake rattle and nibble" embroidery on our vibrant orange velour carrot rattle with crinkly green leaves. Perfect way to entertain your little bunny!

  • Size: 5"
  • Machine wash cold & tumble dry low. 



All bundled up in our signature gift box, or a personalised alternative  complete with carrot tissue paper, logo sticker, and carrot logo ribbon, a gift presentation that will be remembered. In addition to a memorable presentation, our gift sets are an exceptional gift at an exceptional price, bundled together you save 10% versus purchasing items separately.

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