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Personalised Baby Gifts

Give your gifts an extra special touch with the SitC personalisation feature. Choose from our bunnies, plush toys and soothers to give a uniquely created gift baby gift loved by all and treasurled forever.

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  1. Kiddo the lamb Bye Bye Baby Comforter
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  2. Bun Bun Bye Bye Buddy - Warm White
  3. Bye Bye Buddy Soft White
  4. Blossom Bunny Bye Bye Buddy
  5. Bud Bunny Bye-Bye Buddy Comforter Blue
  6. Bloom Bunny Bye Bye Buddy Comforter
  7. Kiddo The Lamb Buddy Blanket
  8. Best Friend Skipit Bye Bye Buddy
  9. Tadbit Bye Bye Frog Buddy -Apple Green
  10. Purr-ty Kitty Buddy Blanket
  11. Bun Bun Buddy Blanket
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  12. Blossom Bunny Buddy Blanket
  13. Bud Buddy Blanket
  14. Bunnies by the Bay Little Sunshine Buddy Blanket
  15. Purr-ty Kitty Bye-Bye Buddy
  16. Bunnies by the Bay Blossom Bunny 3 in 1 Play Mat, Tummy Time and Pillow
  17. Bunnies by the Bay Bloom Bunny Playmat
  18. DouDou PJ Case
  19. Tiny Skipit Puppy 8” 20cm
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  20. Tiny Nibble 8" Bunny Cream
  21. Tiny Nibble 8" Bunny Grey
  22. Guess How Much I Love You: Large Nutbrown Hare
  23. Bloom Bud Buddy Blanket
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