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Tadbit Bye Bye Frog Buddy -Apple Green

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Tadbit Bye Bye Frog Buddy - Apple Green 

Standing at 11" Tadbit is the ideal travel size of our Buddy Blankets. He is a delightful character who has security loop on his back for safe traveling.

Bye Bye blankets are covered in cuddly velour, soft satin, and faux fur. You can choose from a variety of cuddly characters, including hoppy bunnies, furry lambs, adventurous pups, cute chicks, energetic elephants, and more!

Pediatricians recommend security blankets for babies six months and older to help comfort and soothe them when they’re away from a parent or heading into unfamiliar settings. Our Buddy blankets function as transitional objects to help calm babies and relieve tension and anxiety – like a great friend that’s always by their side!

Bye Bye blankets are machine washable in cold water. Most are safe to tumble dry on low heat, but some require air-drying. Please be sure you read our product descriptions for specific care instructions.

  • Plush Security Blanket.
  • Size 11" and lightweight to assist with babies grasp.. 
  • Perfect for cots, prams and on the move.
  • Has security loop on the rear to avoid loss.
  • Super soft plush fabric
  • Machine wash cold and tumble dry low
  • Suitable for all ages from birth
  • Please remove all tags and ties before giving this toy to a child
  • Lily May Beanie Plush also available with coordinating Flipper Slippers

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