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Occasion Dresses

Special occasions call for beautiful dresses, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here at Stork. We’ve curated a beautiful collection of dresses from birth to 10 years sourced from all over the world. Check out our party, bridesmaid, communion and other celebratory looks

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  1. Phi Clothing Red Tartan Dress
  2. Balloon Chic Red Tartan & Grey Faux Fur Hearts Jewelled Dress
  3. Balloon Chic Grey & Red Tartan Wool Dress
  4. Balloon Chic Red Tartan & Grey Fur Trim Wool Dress
  5. Balloon Chic Navy & Green Tartan Bow Dress
  6. Balloon Chic Navy, Green & Grey Tartan Diamantés Bow Dress
  7. Balloon Chic Grey & Pink Girls Wool Diamonte Stud Embellished Dress
  8. Balloon Chic Girls Grey & Red Cotton & Velvet  Diamonte Check Dress
  9. Balloon Chic Navy Blue Velvet and Tulle Dress
  10. Lesy Organza and Tulle Black &  White Party Dress
  11. Snow Princess White and Silver Glitter Party Dress Age 2, 3 & 4 Years
  12. Billyblush Pink and Gold Tulle Dress
  13. Lesy Gold Silk Jewelled Dress
  14. Lesy Lisetta Cosi Gold Jaquard Dress
  15. Lesy Ivory and Gold Crown Dress
  16. Lesy Pale Gold Jacquard Dress
  17. Lesy Sparkly Tulle Diamanté, Pearl and Gold Brocade Skirt Set