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About Us

We’d like to share our story with you. It’s a true story about the Baby, the Big Business and the Stork in the City.

Once upon a time in 2013 cities across the UK flourished. Business was booming, but so were the babies. 870,000 women left their workplace to embark on maternity leave.  Business was booming, but so were the babies.

Why then as a time challenged professional did I find it so hard to organise a new baby, maternity or shower event for the new and expectant mums and dads I worked with? Why then was it so difficult to crowdfund a gift, to find and personalised and unique present without trawling 10 different high street stores? Why did no one offer practical gifts that were also pretty?  Well it’s because workplace gifting was overlooked. 

In 2013 I launched Stork in the City from my garage. I sat in there for hours sewing dolls and making baby bouquets  while managing a full-time career, a 10!year old son and looking after my terminally ill mum. I thrived on the delight my mini enterprise brought to new mums and dads.


In 2020 I left a 25 year successful career in policing to CHANGE THE PRESENT. With previous experience in the retail sector, customer service, procurement and being a working mum I knew I was ready and equipped to launch our Stork in the City Boutique and our online store. Our story continues and we’re excited about growing our business and relationships with you. 

We’re different because we’re the only baby gifting and events company that focus on the gifting experience. We want to curate, make and personalise gifts and gift experiences that will be valued and remembered by the giver & receiver for life.

Wether you are looking to find a new baby or baby shower gift, christening present, baby and toddler apparel or to have is host you a lunch hour baby shower, you’ll find anything you need in our Hamilton boutique or in our online store. If you can’t find it, please contact us and you’ll receive the bespoke attention you need to curate the perfectly presented, unique and tasteful gift. We also offer seasonal gifts and apparel as well as all the baby “My First” events. 

Our Store is located at:

Hamilton Business Centre 

194 Quarry Street


ML3 6QR 

ACCESS IS BY APPOINTMENT SO WE CAN GIVE YOU OUR FULL ATTENTION. Call to book an appointment on: Mobile 07850 460 778

When we refer to our gifts as unique, we really mean it. Check out our products and events and see for yourself. 


Head of Flock x

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