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Jellycat Christmas Trees and Decorations

Perfect for decorating, gifting or snuggling and ideal to decorate a baby, toddler or kids bedroom for Christmas. These wonderful Jellycat Christmas trees and Festive Folly tree  decorations are the very best of Jellycat designs and you'll be using them year after year.....

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  1. Jellycat Festive Folly Candy Cane
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  2. Jellycat Bashful Christmas Bunny Decoration
  3. Jellycat Festive Folly Christmas Present
  4. Jellycat Medium Sugar Plum Fairy Mouse
  5. Jellycat Festive Folly Christmas Pudding
  6. Jellycat Festive Folly Gingerbread Fred
  7. Jellycat Festive Folly penguin
  8. Jellycat Large Amuseable Snowflake
  9. Jellycat Festive Folly Cracker
  10. Jellycat Large Sugar Plum Fairy Mouse
  11. Jellycat Amuseable Mistletoe
  12. Jellycat Amuseable Gold Wreath
  13. Jellycat Amuseable Cracker
  14. Jellycat Amuseable Holly
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  15. Jellycat Amuseable Present
  16. Jellycat Little Amuseable Candy Cane
  17. Jellycat Large Amuseable Candy Cane
  18. Jellycat Amuseable hot Chocolate Soft Toy
  19. Jellycat Amuseable Marshmallows
  20. Jellycat Amuseable Popcorn
  21. Jellycat Small Amuseable Nordic Spruce Christmas Tree
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  22. Jellycat Huge Amuseable Nordic Spruce Christmas Tree
  23. Jellycat Amuseable Large Nordic Spruce Christmas Tree
  24. Jellycat Small Amuseable Fraser Fir Christmas Tree