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Blade and Rose

Shop fun and playful leggings, tops, socks, hoodies and more from Blade and Rose. Featuring well known characters like Paddington Bear, Peter Rabbit and many more. The blade and Rose Christmas Collection is a favourite every year! Comfortable and cute in equal measure. The perfect toddler everyday outfits for nursery and play.

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  1. Baby Elf's 1st Christmas Hamper 0-6 Months
  2. Blade & Rose 3 Piece Elf Outfit
  3. Blade & Rose 3 Piece Red Red  Reindeer Outfit
  4. Blade & Rose 2 Piece Pudding Outfit
  5. Blade & Rose 3 Piece Santa Outfit
  6. Blade & Rose Fluffy Santa Gift Set
  7. Blade & Rose 3 Piece Peter Rabbit Festive Outfit
  8. Blade & Rose FiFi Fawn Reindeer Set
  9. Blade & Rose Reindeer Stocking
  10. Blade & Rose Jolly Santa Stocking