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Shop our collection of Jellycat Official Stuffed Animal Toys, Jellycat Amuseables and Jellycat Books. They are super soft, quirky and loved the world over. Whether you’re a Jellycat collector or just looking to buy a newborn baby gift, birthday present , baby shower gift, christmas gift or simply a Just because, we’ve got you covered

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  1. Bashful Cream Bunny Grabber Rattle
  2. Bashful Pink Bunny Grabber Rattle
  3. Bella Bunny Personalised Gift Set
  4. Blade & Rose FiFi Fawn Reindeer Set
  5. Christmasaurus Book and Jellycat Fossily T-Rex Dinosaur
  6. Jellycat Dancing Darcey Elephant & Elly Ballerina Book Retired Design
  7. Fuddlewuddle Lion Wooden Ring Rattle Toy
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  8. Flapper Duck Chime
  9. Granysaurus Book and Jellycat Medium Fossilly Stegosaurus
  10. If I Were A Puppy Book And Bashful Puppy
  11. If I Were A Unicorn Book And Bashful Unicorn Medium
  12. If I were an elf ...... Book
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  13. Jellycat  Amuseable Irresistible Ice Cream Strawberry
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  14. Jellycat  Amuseable Irresistible Vanilla Ice Cream
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  15. Jellycat  Bryno Dino
  16. Jellycat  Medium Fossilly Stegosaurus
  17. Jellycat  Medium Fossilly T-Rex Dinosaur
  18. Jellycat Amuseable Avocado Large
  19. Jellycat Amuseable Birthday Cake
  20. Jellycat Amuseable Bubble Tea
  21. Jellycat Amuseable Christmas Pudding