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First christmas

Babies First Christmas Hampers, Gift Sets, Outfits, Toys, Books and other unique, personalised christmas gifts from Jellycat, Blade & Rose, Meri Meri, Bunnies by the Bay, Stork in the City and more. All curated by the head of Flock at Stork in the City and available for personalisation

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  1. Baby Elf's 1st Christmas Hamper 0-6 Months
  2. Reindeer Velour Footie
  3. Jellycat Mitzi Mistletoe Magnet First Christmas Gift Set
  4. Peter Rabbit My First Christmas Gift Set
  5. Blade & Rose 3 Piece Peter Rabbit Festive Outfit
  6. Blade & Rose 3 Piece Elf Outfit
  7. Blade & Rose 3 Piece Santa Outfit
  8. Blade & Rose 3 Piece Red Red  Reindeer Outfit
  9. Blade & Rose 2 Piece Pudding Outfit
  10. Blade & Rose Fluffy Santa Gift Set
  11. MEBI Red and Grey Winter Short Set 9-12 Months