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Easter Outfits Babies & Kids

🌷 Easter Elegance for Every Bunny: Dive into a world of pastels, floral prints, and charming bunny motifs that will make your little chick or bunny the star of the Easter egg hunt. Our handpicked selection ensures that your baby or kid will be dressed in the cutest and most stylish outfits, capturing the essence of the season.

🐣 Hoppin' into Spring Style: Watch your child blossom in outfits that celebrate the freshness of spring. From bunny-themed rompers to flower-patterned dresses, our Easter collection blends comfort with style. Your little one will be ready to hop, skip, and jump into the season with utmost flair.

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  1. Peter Rabbit Poppy Organic Long Sleeved Applique Top With Frill Leggings 0-24 Monthths
  2. Peter Rabbit Organically Grown Appliqué Gift Set
  3. Peter Rabbit Organically Grown Appliqué Easter Gift Set
  4. Babidu Personalised Bloom Bunny Shortie Gift Set
  5. Babidu Tiny Nibble Newborn Shortie Gift Set (0-2 months)
  6. Applique Towelling Bunny Babygro Romper
  7. Baby Sunshine Bundle Box 0-3 & 3-6 Months
  8. Bella Bunny Personalised Gift Set
  9. Bloom’s Storywear Little Star Coat 12-18 months
  10. Blossom Bunny Dress Gift Set
  11. Bud Sailor Romper
  12. Blossom Tutu Dotty Personalised Baby Gift Set