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A Baby or toddlers first doll is something that will be treasured for a lifetime. Dolls are quite often the first best friends of little girls. They comfort them in times of sadness, keep them company on adventures, and help them to develop social skills as they play and pretend. Our plush dolls are beautifully crafted with hand-embroidered details and thoughtful touches that will make them a gift to pass along for generations.

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  1. My First Doll - Elsie Doll
  2. My First Doll - Elsie Doll Brown Hair
  3. My First Doll - Elsie Doll Black Hair
  4. Elsie Girl Friend
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  5. A Pretty Girl Board Book Blonde Hair
  6. Pretty Girl Board Book Brown Hair
  7. Pretty Girl Board Book Black Hair
  8. Elsie Backpack, Book and Doll Set
  9. Daisy Girl Friend Doll
  10. Rosie Girl Friend Doll
  11. Phoebe Girl Friend Doll
  12. Bunnies by the Bay Jasmine Pretty Girl my First Doll
  13. Bunnies by the Bay Rosie Pretty Girl Doll
  14. Bunnies by the Bay Phoebe  Pretty Girl my First Doll
  15. Cherry Global Sisters Doll
  16. Bluebell Global Sisters Doll
  17. Floral Global Sisters Doll