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My First Doll - Elsie Doll

Delivering the details .........

Elsie - Pretty on the inside doll

This lovable , super adorable soft doll is a pretty sweet companion and happily reminds little ones what being pretty is all about. Elsie has a little badge on her dress that says "pretty inside" along with a tag on her stomach that says "a pretty girl is pretty inside."

It comes with a book about all of Elsie's friends and why they are all so pretty, but does not list physical characteristics instead it lists values these values include sharing, listening, and being polite.

This is a perfect present for new baby, baby shower, christening, birthdays and xmas. 

  • Size: 14"
  • Lovable soft doll with knit body, cotton and tulle dress with panties
  • Comes with story booklet
  • Machine wash
  • Coordinates with related products in the pretty girl collection such as, two-two, room decor and other apparel