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Easter Gifts

Celebrate the joy of Easter with Stork in the City's whimsical collection of the best baby & kids Easter Gifts. We've curated Easter Outfits, Easter Baskets, Easter gift bags and Easter hampers for babies and kids. This year we've also included a magical assortment of Easter treats, Easter Crafts and Easter Egg Hunt treasures, all perfect for creating unforgettable memories. Explore the enchanting world of Babies First Easter at Stork in the City and opt for a personalised Easter Gift for  a truly magical experience for your little ones.

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  1. Kiddo Friendly Chimes White Lamb Rattle
  2. Kiddo Silly Buddy Comfort and Pacifier Holder
  3. Kiddo the Lamb Knotty Comforter Soother Friend
  4. Kiddo Sweet Lamb Gift Set
  5. Big Lops Kiddo
  6. Blossom TuTu Supersoft Bunny
  7. Shep The Sheep
  8. Kiddo The Lamb Buddy Blanket
  9. Bloom’s Storywear Little Star Coat 12-18 months
  10. Kiddo the lamb Bye Bye Baby Comforter
  11. Cricket Island Bloom Little Sunshine Bunny
  12. Bloom Bunny Romper Gift Set
  13. Sheep Scramble Gift Set Blue
  14. Sweet Bun Bun Gender Neutral Gift Box
  15. Sheep Scramble Gift Set Pink
  16. Blossom Easter Gift Box and Card