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  1. Bashful Black & Cream Puppy With Personalised Cream Jumper
  2. Bashful Black & Cream Puppy With Personalised Navy or Cream Jumper
  3. Bashful Cream Bunny Grabber Rattle
  4. Bashful Cream Kitten With Personalised Cream Jumper
  5. Bashful Monkey With Personalised Cream Jumper
  6. Bashful Monkey With Personalised Jumper Navy or Cream
  7. Bashful Pink Bunny Grabber Rattle
  8. Bella Bunny Personalised Gift Set
  9. Christmasaurus Book and Jellycat Fossily T-Rex Dinosaur
  10. Curiosity Starfish
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  11. Festive Folly Present
  12. Flapper Duck Chime
  13. Fuddlewuddle Lion Wooden Ring Rattle Toy
  14. Granysaurus Book and Jellycat Medium Fossilly Stegosaurus
  15. If I Were A Puppy Book And Bashful Puppy
  16. If I Were A Unicorn Book And Bashful Unicorn Medium
  17. If I were an elf ...... Book
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  18. Jellycat  Amuseable Irresistible Ice Cream Strawberry
  19. Jellycat  Amuseable Irresistible Vanilla Ice Cream
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  20. Jellycat  Bryno Dino
  21. Jellycat  Medium Fossilly Stegosaurus
  22. Jellycat  Medium Fossilly T-Rex Dinosaur
  23. Jellycat Amuseable Avocado Baby Gift Set
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  24. Jellycat Amuseable Birthday Cake