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Baby Girl Deluxe Bouquet

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Stunning Baby Girl Deluxe Bouquet 

Our Baby Bouquets are special, hand crafted by us, they are a unique
alternative to fresh flowers. Our beautiful floral arrangements combine practical with pretty and contain various roses made from super soft socks, sleep suits, hats and mittens with
stunning silk flowers that can be treasured forever.  We always incorporate items in the base of the bouquet in order to keep our displays tasteful, elegant and simple. 

Our bouquets make lovely maternity leave presents or gifts for family and friends
with newborn babies. Beautifully packaged, practical gifts which are perfect
for a new mum and baby. 

Makes a great gift for expectant parents, baby showers and new arrivals.

  • Bunnies By the Bay, Bunny Ring Rattle
  • 6 Pairs of organic cotton roll top socks fashioned into little roses
  • 1 Pair of organic cotton roll top socks (in base to guide deconstruction of roses)
  • 1 Bunnies by the Bay crocheted hat
  • 1 Pair of Bunnies by the Bay crocheted shoes 
  • 1 Muslin feeding blanket 
  • 1Baby pink body suit
  • 1Pair of pink scratch mitts

      * Hat and bootie set retail for the same price as entire bouquet SitC incorporate these

        items into the bouquet at wholesale prices *